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Alpacas in the Winter....looking toward Spring!

Here in Gray Maine we are in the midst of one of the harshest winters we have had in a while. Snowstorms of up to 30'' and cold nights have made caring for alpacas a challenge.
Also because of the constant snow, the animals are not able to exercise as much as we would like. To at least give them some space to stretch their legs, we have made very creative walking paths with the snow blowers. Ah... such fun.
But with March also comes the realization that April is close at hand! The thought of pasture preparation is making the end of winter seem much easier. Also having 10 pregnant girls is really exciting!
And,we have added 10 acres to our operation to make room for our growing herd. Planning for how we are going to utilize that is making the cold nights (and morning poop pick-up) more bearable.
Soon winter will be just a memory and we will be in the midst of another exciting and warmer period of the year raising our beautiful animals.