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The Carrageen Alpaca barn

It seems like only yesterday when we were planning our barn construction. After 2 years of working in it we are very happy with how it works for us.
We have 4 areas within the main barn space. Boys occupy two areas on the east side, while girls and crias are on the west. There is an isle between them.
We also have a quarantine stall (room) for new animals. In addition we have a heated room for winter use and for rehabilitation purposes.
Outside we have plenty of space under overhangs to provide shade and shelter. On the top floor we have hay storage. This area is accessed by a drop stairway. Hay is dropped through a hole down to the first floor via a pulley system.Our floor is made of heavy rubber interlocking stall mats. We also have 4 automatic waterers which make that chore so much easier!.