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Keeping the barn area clean and fresh

Sanitation around and in the barn is very important. Regular cleaning of animal waste and dirt not only helps keep the alpacas healthy, but it also shows visitors that you care and take pride in your operation.
At Carrageen Alpacas we do a complete poop cleaning ( barn and pasture) at least 3 times a day.
For in barn clean up (which we hope does not happen, but inclement weather can force the animals into the barn and....well...accidents happen) we pick up the poop, sweep the floor and use "Stall-Dry" for urine control. Also automatic waterers are cleaned, they should be as clean for the alpacas as they would be for humans.
For paddock area cleaning, we sweep up the poop and use a product called "Equine Pine"
for control of urine odor. This is a great product as it absorbs very well and leaves a fresh pine smell.
Being vigilant about keeping a clean area for your alpacas cannot be overemphasized. It actually can be fun!