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It's a hot day....keep your Alpacas cool!

One of the first alpaca questions that people from out of state ask is "How do they do they stay warm in the winter"? While this is an issue here in Maine, a bigger issue is dealing with heat. Yes there are many warm days here in the summer!
Alpacas are very susceptible to heat problems. One must always be observant that they are not showing signs of lethargy, labored breathing or of being unsteady on their feet. All of these are signs that the animal is in trouble.
Make sure that they have access to cool water at all times. Also fans should always be on in the barn so that they can lie down and "feel the breeze". Hosing their bellies occasionally is very good for them, and is a lot of fun!
Young crias have to be watched even more as they tend to follow their mothers (who can stand the heat better). Babies will often not know to find a cool spot and can get in to trouble quicker. White crias also can become sunburned, so watch out for that.
We add the temperature and humidity numbers. When the combined number is 150, we are very observant. When it approaches 180, no alpaca is allowed out of the barn area.
By being a good observer of your animals you can prevent many heat related problems.
Carrageen Suri Alpacas prides itself on the excellent care it gives it's alpacas!