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Winter at Carrageen Alpacas and Alpacas for sale

Here in Maine we are experiencing one of the most brutal winters in a long time. Sub zero mornings make chores slower and not as much fun. However the alpacas are doing well. They are kept out of the wind gusts and have plenty of hay. We are looking forward to spring!
Our store is doing well. Socks seem o be the best selling item though gloves, scarves and hats are going fast also.
For those of you are looking to expand your herd with quality alpacas, please keep us in mind. We have alpacas from Snowmass, Sweetbriar, Suri Paco and our own Carrageen lines. We can provide great package deals and Carrageen Alpacas is always there for you after the sale. We remember our early days of alpaca ownership and how others helped us. We want to continue helping our clients!